Web Design

Electric Scooter HQ


  • Create brand identity that connects with customers
  • Design and Develop a website that effectively converts visitors.
  • Dynamically populate Amazon products and automate the process
  • Develop an SEO marketing plan for future growth


Electric Scooter HQ focused on developing a brand identity and an online hub for electric scooters and accessories. Venmark helped take it from inception to growing profitable. We designed and developed the initial website, SEO strategy, PPC & shopping campaigns, and dramatically improved sales and conversion rates.

Electric Scooter HQ needed a high-converting website and SEO strategy developed and implemented. Venmark crafted a strategy based around white hat link-building and exact-match keyword links on their biggest producers from their PPC campaign. During the next busy season, traffic to their website from search traffic increased by 57.92%, and we achieved top-ranked position in their desired search terms. Because of the success of the organic SEO campaign, they elected not to do a PPC campaign, and their overall traffic increased on their website by 26.43%.

They saw an overall revenue increase of 17% over the previous busy season, and their PPC expenses from the previous season were also eliminated.

We are proud to say that Electric Scooter HQ is still one of our happy clients, and we are blessed to serve them.

  • CLIENT Electric Scooter HQ
  • YEAR 2015
  • CATEGORYBrandy Identity, Marketing & Automation, UI/UX


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